Keep the vision in mind of introducing coherent Innovation in the line of food supply network; Unite Trade Vision (UTV) has inaugurated its journey in the year of 2012 from Bangladesh to establish a knowledgeable and trustworthy trading organization in the sector of Import, Export, Indenting and supply of quality Agro food items. To strengthen the portfolio of our food knowledge and supply of Coconut, Red Whole Lentil (With and without husk) of different sizes, Chickpeas, Yellow peas, Turmeric, Onion, Potato, Poultry feed, Fish feed, Soybean seed, Mustard seed and Basmati Rice, we have developed strong business relation with the local farmers and international suppliers of India, Nepal, Canada and Australia. At present, we are working to extend our trustworthy supply network in different agencies of the Govt. of Bangladesh (Trading Corporation of Bangladesh, Bangladesh Police, Directorate General of Defence Purchase and Directorate of Food), Food Industries, Super stores (Agora, Meena Bazar, Shwapno, etc.) and Urban, Sub-urban and Rural Retailers and International Buyers. Before taking the initiatives of this business thought, we have strongly and honestly designed our planning to contribute to the national economy of Bangladesh by earning foreign remittance through exporting our local products which we have enormous production and as well as importing foreign products at a very cheap price which have regular demand in our local market.


To introduce coherent Innovation in the line of food supply network for the benefit of the farmers and consumers of Bangladesh.


To develop trustworthy and meaningful relationship with all of the national and international stakeholders of the company.


To establish a Profitable and Knowledgeable Multi-cultural Organization which understand the benefit of the practice of equality in Urban, Suburban and Rural Economy through generating profitable employment, partners and consumers in Bangladesh.


We think ethically in every steps of our work. We are very much honest and transparent for a successful completion of all of our dealings.

We are dedicated to establish equal benefit for everyone surrounding us. We are very much interested to hear from everyone equally.

We strongly believe that sustainability of any success will not be continued for a long time without proper skill and experience.

If we agree to do anything, we must do it because commitment is one of the muscular strengths of our business.

Keep trying continuously until the work is done successfully.

We always give priority to team work. We respect all of our team members.

We have highest level of admiration to our environment and surrounding people.